This article provides an in-depth look at Suzhou Baoshida Trading Co. Ltd, emphasizing its proficiency in O-ring manufacturing and detailing its competitive edge in material quality, production processes, and product range, including EPDM O-rings.

It also benchmarks the company against top global manufacturers, analyzing their strengths with technical insights, and discusses various applications and manufacturing methodologies prevalent in the industry.

Additionally, the article addresses FAQs, underscoring Baoshida’s capacity for large-scale production and commitment to sustainability.

O Ring/Gaskets:

Making a leak proof joint between two mating mechanical parts needs some type of sealing and if the joining parts are in round shape then O ring as a Gasket is used that sits in grooves and gets compressed to make a fluid tight joint and allowing flow of fluid from one channel to another without leaking outside. Some of the relatively moving mechanical component like Rotary Pumps and Compressors also use it for sealing purposes. Due to its low cost, easy manufacturing they are highly durable and long-lasting withstanding harsh conditions which making them suitable for applications in industries like automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas and other commercial applications.


There are mostly two types of O rings depending on their use.

  1. Static O ring is the one that’s mostly used in static fluid tight joints. (Fig 1)
  2. Dynamic O ring is the one that is used in relative motion parts like in piston and cylinder (Fig 2)



Fig 1.                                                                                                     Fig 2.


Due to its low cost and easy manufacturing O rings as gaskets are widely used in industrial and commercial applications. We are Suzhou Baoshida Trading Co. ltd It’s an O ring manufacturer company with wide experience offer our services at market competitive and reasonable cost without compromising on quality. We comply with ISO standards that make our product reliable and user friendly with our customer.



We possess skilled staff and more that 15 experienced Engineers from different field that adds quality to work. From Design, Production to the Quality Control there is Zero Tolerance in lacking the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality production of all the products especially the O rings and EPDM O Rings.

Production of our As568 Series products mainly involves molds that are produced using efficient CNC machines in our own facility and then using those molds in Compression molding a method  widely used for O-ring production as due to precise control over the dimensions and properties of the O-rings along with desired sizes and materials.

Due to Superior Material Quality our O-rings is made from high caliber rubber so its resistance against a spectrum of fluids, aggressive chemicals, and temperature extremities stands out from its competitors around the world saving time, money and effort on corrective maintenance from the consumer. Main properties of our As568 Series products are better than what our competitors have to offer for Instance Compression Set i.e ability to return to the original form after the removal of compression stress of As568 Series O rings is better than the normal O Ring seals, Surface finish is also better to serve its function properly, Aging Resistance i.e avoiding the degradation once in contact with extreme atmospheric conditions like Ozone, Oxygen and UV Exposure.

EPDM seals i.e Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is actually a type of synthetic rubber which is made from the chemicals as stated. Our product stands out from others as under the sunlight, steam and a reasonably wide temperature range, EPDM is the obvious choice.

Top competitors around the world:

Some of the top O ring suppliers are being identified as per below who we compete:

  1. SBR Life sciences is an O ring Manufacturer company based in UK that produces Sanitary Gaskets, Medical O rings, etc. It mostly deals with medical and life sciences products like O rings for Autoclave systems therefore O ring needs to withstand high temperature of the steam involved in this process.
  2. NQKSF Oil seals is Chinese Hebei Province based O ring Manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience is a key competitor of Suzhou Baoshida Trading Co. ltd. The company provides with specification sheet of each ring sharing internal, external and crossection of each specific ring along with tolerance.
  3. Xiamen Hands chain silicone co. ltd present in china deals mostly with silicon O ring manufacturing used in food industry. Its use is also limited and it can’t be used in dynamic applications due to its low tensile strength, poor wear and tear strength.
  4. YINGKO Rubber Enterprises Co. LTD is rubber and silicon parts manufacturer present in Taiwan and also manufacturer’s O rings that’s mostly used in medical, petrochemical, and automotive industries.
  5. Marco Rubbers and Plastic is US based company that expertise in O-Rings, O-Rings Giant & Spliced and Vulcanize, O-Rings Teflon Encapsulated and O-Ring Kit Assortments & Accessories.
  6. CNL Seals based in Taiwan specializes in O rings, Custom molded products and die cuts. Especially they deal in Semi-Conductor Grade O ring and conducting rubber O rings that’s used to withstand the demanding environments associated with semiconductor production. They also deal in production of O ring used in CNC Machined Parts.
  7. ACE seal is company working in USA California that produces standard and custom O rings along with O ring Kits to meet the demand of consumers all over the world.
  8. Kinshing Silicone Products Co., Ltd. is an O ring supplier present in Dongguan City China focusing on Silicone O rings. It mostly deals with food grade silicone and therefore O rings that are used in Food processing machines and parts.
  9. YangZhong Huari Sealing Product Co., Ltd is located in Yangzhong, Jiangsu Province of China and it with its vast experience deals in Auto Parts high pressure O rings, Dust seal O rings, Composite NBR+PTFE Hydraulic Seal O Ring Auto Parts, etc.
  10. Dalian Yingyu Co. Limited is Chinese company that produces custom molded products along with advance rubber gaskets, custom Rubber Strip O Ring Cords, etc.


FAQ and Tips:

  1. Why Choose Suzhou Baoshida Trading Co. Ltd?

As we have lesser dependencies on market therefore due to our strengths i.e. Experienced Engineers, Designers, Technicians and in house machinery and production facility we cost effectively meet the requirement of tight time delivery of our valuable client without compromising on the Quality and Effectiveness.

  1. Are the products of Suzhou Baoshida Trading Co. Ltd long lasting?

Definitely the products and especially O rings and ecofriendly EPDM rings produced by Suzhou Baoshida Trading Co. Ltd are long lasting as they completely serve their purpose, do their job and upon completing their life they can be recycled to avoid contributing to the pollution and therefore to the Global warming.

  1. Is Suzhou Baoshida Trading Co. Ltd capable of large scale production?

The answer is yes. As described earlier we have our own productions facilities and less rely on outsourcing so by the help of Advance CAD/CAM and production techniques we can comply with large scale demand from the clients.