As568 O-ring Series Products

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AS568 O-ring Size

  • We possess all the molds for the AS568 O-ring size, enabling us to provide standard parts of the AS568 series promptly and conveniently. Visit our website.

Applications of the O-ring:

  • The O-ring is versatile and can be used in a wide range of mechanical devices. This includes:
    • Machine tools
    • Agricultural machinery (Note: Mentioned twice in the original text)
    • Instrumentation
    • Construction machinery
    • Automobiles
    • Ships
    • Aerospace equipment
    • Engineering machinery
    • Chemical machinery
    • Mining machinery
    • Plastic machinery
    • Petroleum machinery

Upon examining its application range, one can observe that it spans virtually all facets of daily life. Moreover, even some niche industries feature the presence of the O-ring.